Diane has been taking things apart, putting things together and asking questions about everything all her life.  She left a career creating the technology you use every day to focus on the craft and technology of fiber and textiles.  In the redwoods above Silicon Valley, she spins, dyes, knits, weaves, sews, runs, cooks, makes (and drinks) beer, laughs with gusto, and shares it all with her car-crazy husband.    She is a regular contributor of articles and projects to both Ply and Handwoven magazines as well as Complex Weavers Journal.  Keep up with her adventures, experiments and mishaps in the studio or out in the world via this blog.

To inquire about commissioned weaving, teaching, writing or tech editing please use the Contact page.

List of Publications

Ply Magazine

“Frost Scarf” Woolen Issue – Winter 2014 (spinning and project)

“Warp Factor Fine”  Fine Issue – Summer 2015

“Deb and Diane Tie the Knot”  Community Issue – Autumn 2014 (with Deb Menz)

“The Mystery of the Disappearing Twist”  Twist Issue – Summer 2104

Handwoven Magazine

March/April 2014 – Japanese Log Cabin Shirt

May/June 2014 – Sampling for a Purpose

November/December 2014 – Weaving to Learn

Complex Weavers Magazine

February 2015 – “Expanding M’s and O’s”