A Flash of Understanding

What any of us learns when taking a class is somewhat unpredictable. This week, Jane’s workshop is called, “Units, Blocks and Profiles.” Essentially, it’s an analysis of a set of structures and how to use a particular design technique in order to turn thoughts into cloth. Given where I am with my fabrics, this class comes at a great time.

That said, the tiny tidbit I took away yesterday was totally unexpected – but has completely changed my understanding of structures and how to go from threading to tie-up to treadling. Specifically, it’s all about the way a counterbalance loom gets tied. Units become tie-ups become treadling patterns. Directly. Completely. It’s a miracle. And, for the first time, I feel like I can actually design WHILE I’m weaving. And my treadle looms are looking sexy again. (They never really lost their shine, but new life has most certainly been injected into them.)

Looking forward to another day of revelations and insight. And the sun is even shining.

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