Rest and Recharge

This past weekend was spent at our cabin in the Sierra; we were lucky enough to be able to purchase it nearly 15 years ago (where does the time go?) and it’s been a welcome refuge from the bustle and mania of Silicon Valley ever since.  We originally bought it for access to the snow, but I’ve come to realize that I love it more when there isn’t snow on the ground.  This year, there’s no snow for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy what’s there.

A walk through the North Grove at Big Trees State Park was full of texture

and color

Scale went from large

to small.

And the forest made sure we didn’t miss the important things

I’m now home and back in another familiar forest.  Recharged both physically and mentally – ready to get back to work.  If only my elbow healed as fast as my soul.

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