When I finish a big step of a project, I like to do things that will let my mind process the next portion of work – either to mull over possibilities or just to firm-up what I need to do.  While from the outside it might look like I’m procrastinating (and maybe I am!), I like to think about it as the equivalent of “sleeping on it.”

I was able to get my singles fabric off the loom this week and I have a plan in mind for the dress I want to make, but there’s thinking to do before I really get down to it next week so I picked up the sock I started two weekends ago.

The sock got put aside originally because I made a mistake in turning the heel.  After ripping-back and then reknitting past the heel turn, I put it on and realized it was just about 1/4″ too long.  Too long is worse than too short so it was another round of ripping-back and reknitting and finessing where the gusset fell and finally success.

Socks never look like much when they’re done (this one is a Monkey by Cookie A but knitted toe-up, yarn is my own Luster Sock in “Leaf”), particularly when the fabric has a lot of movement and life.  Suffice to say it fits, I’m happy with the gussets and it reminded me of why knitting is good for my ego.  I can make mistakes and recover easily, I’m good enough at it that I can just make it up as I go and there’s a useful thing when I’m done.

And, my brain has been free to think about the next few projects on the weaving front.  Next week there’ll be patterns to draft, muslins to sew, warps to wind for painting and dishtowels to design.  There’s also a much bigger, more ambitious project that I need to start thinking about and then outlining.  Fortunately, socks come in pairs.

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